Introducing Te Ruma Ako

This area of our centre caters for children from 2 to nearly 3 1/2 years of age. The children are from many cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Our Christian philosophy underpins everything we do in the care and education of the children. Every child is equally important to God and to us, therefore forming caring, trusting relationships with children and using positive teaching strategies, with lots of praise, is an essential part of our teaching for success and building positive self esteem in each child.

We acknowledge each child’s parents as the other partner in assessing and planning for the care and education of their child. We value the opportunity to support them in their role through open and honest communication. At all times we practice dignified, respectful interactions with the children. We recognize that, in this area of the centre children are developing increasing autonomy and independence in eating and toileting and this is also a time for major developments in communication and social skills.

It is our aim that children develop curiosity as a learning disposition and become active explorers who ask questions, pose problems, and seek answers and solutions to enable them to make sense of the social and physical world. We encourage this by providing an environment that encourages and invites exploration and problem-solving and through teachers who encourage them to ask questions and who monitor their development and learning and who encourage them to reach their potential.

We would love to meet you, and show you around our facilities. Please click here to contact us for more information.