Centre Mission Statement:

To provide quality Christian early childhood care and education which is accessible to the local community.

Trust Board Mission Statement:

To facilitate the functioning of community ministries of the Ashburton Baptist Church.

Our Core Values:

  1. We believe that our church-based community ministry should recognise that:
    • Every person is equally and infinitely valued by God.
    • Every person needs to experience the love of Christ.
    • All people are unique and made up of body, mind and spirit, all of which needs to be nurtured.
    • The needs of the children and their families are paramount.
    • The Ashburton Baptist Preschool is a place of Christian ministry. It should model the character of Christ in all it does.
  2. The Ashburton Baptist Church acknowledges the Trust Board as the governing body of the Preschool and needs to provide:
    • encouragement
    • recognition
    • active interest
  3. As part of the church nationally we share a fundamental role in bringing about reconciliation and justice as envisaged in the Bible and covenanted in the Treaty of Waitangi.
  4. Quality service must be accessible and affordable to all people in the Ashburton Community and surrounding districts. The service must also foster independence.
  5. Employees and volunteers:
    • are valued
    • are supported in ongoing training and resourced appropriately
    • should actively reflect the philosophy of the service
    • should be prayerfully supported.