Our facilities are spread over two adjoining sections in Hampstead, Ashburton.

Our two preschool buildings are houses which have been extended and altered to suit the needs of the children and teaching staff, while still retaining a homely atmosphere.

We are fortunate to have large outdoor play areas. Each teaching area has its own outdoor play space. These are well-fenced with boundary fencing that allows children to see and interact with children in the other areas. Gates in each fence allow children time to play together in a mixed-age setting at times during the day. This is especially important for siblings and for helping the transition processes from one area to another.

Our outdoor environments are child-friendly with lots of space for physically active play of all kinds, sand and water play, construction, gardening, bikes, trikes and scooters and family play.

If you would like to have a look around and see if this is the centre for your children, please feel free to contact us.