Ashburton Baptist Preschool is a special character centre governed by a Trust Board. It is part of the ministry and outreach of the Ashburton Baptist Church.

Our Mission is:

To provide quality Christian early childhood education and care which is accessible to the local community. Therefore Christian principles underpin the focus of our Centre and guide us in our involvement with the children and their family/ whānau.

As a ministry of Ashburton Baptist Church the Christian perspective will be reflected in all aspects of the curriculum.

It is expected that staff have an empathy to Christianity and that all staff will promote Christianity in the Centres.  A weekly Bible Study for staff is held for those who wish to attend.

Children are taught that God exists and that we can have a personal relationship with Jesus His Son. Easter and Christmas are times of importance in our programme.

Christianity is integrated into daily Centre life because we want the children to know that God loves each individual and we are each special in God’s sight. God’s love is demonstrated by how we care for children. We are all valued equally by God: as such all children are respected and valued equally and should know they are loved, accepted and play an important role in their Centre.

Daily activities will promote the Christian philosophy of the centre, sharing God’s love with the children and incorporating the messages from the Bible into children’s play and activities.  Children will be encouraged to be kind, caring and help others.  Bible stories and songs will also be used to help children understand Christian concepts.

The Centre aims to provide a caring and supportive Christian environment to the families who choose to join us. Parents are welcome at all times and shown God’s love, as our centre is a place for families.

Prayer is an important part of centre life. Children are encouraged to give thanks to God at meal times. On the last Wednesday of each month staff and members of the Ashburton Baptist Church meet at the preschool to pray for the needs and ministry of the centre and the children and their families

The Holy Spirit and the Word of God  guide us in all we do.

Our Core Values:

We believe that our church-based community ministry – i.e. the Ashburton Baptist Preschool should recognise that:

  1. Every person is equally and infinitely valued by God.
  2. Every person needs to experience the love of Christ.
  3. All people are unique and made up of body, mind and spirit, all of which need to be nurtured.
  4. The needs of the children and their families must always be considered.
  5. The Ashburton Baptist Preschool are places of Christian ministry and should model the character of Christ in all they do.
  6. The Ashburton Baptist Church acknowledges the Trust Board as the governing body of the Preschool and needs to provide:
    • encouragement
    • recognition
    • active interest
    • prayer
  7. Quality service must be accessible and affordable to all people in the Ashburton Community and surrounding districts. The service must also foster independence.
  8. Employees and volunteers:
    • are valued
    • are supported in ongoing training and resourced appropriately
    • should actively reflect the philosophy of the service
    • should be prayerfully supported.

This means that:

  1. We are overtly Christian in all that we do. Our first priority is to honour God through the vehicle of this ministry before any statutory body. Christian principles underpin our relationships and all other facets of life in our centre.
  2. We will at all times prayerfully and sensitively seek to be a faithful witness of the love of God and thereby point men, women and children to Jesus – the Saviour of the world.
  3. As Christian employees we will view our job primarily as a Christian ministry and therefore we will approach our work prayerfully, humbly expecting God and His power to make a difference.
  4. We are committed to striving for excellence in all that we do. Our priority is providing excellent care and education in an accepting, secure environment where each child is valued, and is encouraged to grow and develop to his/her full potential.