Introducing Tuhura Ruma – our 3 1/2 to 5 area

The Preschool area caters for up to 30 children at any one time and opens from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Monday to Friday, except for three weeks at Christmas. If children need care outside these hours they spend time in the Over two area. Children in this area are aged between three and a half to four years of age until they leave for school.

We want children to live to their full potential, to love life and enjoy learning all there is to know about this amazing world God has created for us. We want the children in our care to become motivated, self-directed learners for life.

Our small teaching team of four provides a programme that encourages children to think for themselves, act responsibly, and develop independence in all areas of their lives. Trained teachers provide quality, educational experiences daily. We are all passionate about spending time with the children, enjoying their input and ideas, challenging their learning, building on their interests, and working with them at their level.

We use the programme to encourage children to be involved in both structured and free playtime throughout the day. We offer structured mat-times with stories and songs that encourage the development of literacy, numeracy, drama and a love of the spoken word – often these have a Christian base and allow us to talk with the children about being kind, caring, honest and trustworthy.

We begin our day with a Brain Gym mat-time – a series of movement (kinesiology-based) that ‘switch on’ our brains and help us to develop our senses, concentration, and co-ordination. This is followed by a ‘fruit break’, where a range of fruits and vegetables is served – a great way to experience new tastes and learn about keeping healthy. Other whole group activities include an Active Movement session prior to lunch and a group mat time prior to afternoon tea.

Each day the six oldest children take part in a ‘Prepare for School’ mat-time – an opportunity for them to feel safe while practicing some of the skills they will need for school such as working in a small group and following instructions. The skills and dispositions we encouraged in this group are communication, writing, numbers, asking questions, thinking about what they know and their special skills and talents, developing their ideas into actions and plans that they can use to further their learning. We work to provide an environment where children can freely discover, explore, and experiment.

As most of our children are almost four when they come to us we support some of the initiatives offered at school, including reading books to take home. This has proven very successful. The children enjoy sharing the books with their family.

We encourage children to develop social skills to help them take their place in society and value themselves and others. They are encouraged to speak up for themselves in conflict situations – we expect everyone in our Centre to be respectful of and honest with each other, and to take the time to listen to one another.

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